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Reasons for locating here, or opportunities in the Baltic economic region

Foto Bürgermeister Stefan Weigler

Dear reader,

have you ever thought of Wolgast as the ideal location for young investment in the Baltic region ?
Wolgast is a town with short distances to the neighbouring markets in the North and East, and is situated at the centre of one of the most attractive vacation areas  in Germany. Our seaport is the biggest German freight harbour East of Rostock, equipped with a modern infrastructure and the best connections. With the highly modern Peene Shipyard, the seaport is the heart of our maritime economy, while tourist services and other enterprises from the backbone of our towns economy.
Our social climate is open and relaxed and marked by our responsibility
and care for our partners.
We have close ties with Sweden, Denmark and Poland and are always
willing to make them part of any coorperation.
Wolgast is a town living in. Clean air, marvellous landscape, beautiful
beaches and resorts: All this can be found in Wolgast and its immediate surroundings.
There are many reasons for you to think about Wolgast as
the centre life and work.
Please call us: we would like to invite you to get to know our town
personally and learn about all exciting opportunities it offers to
We hope to see you soon in Wolgast !

Yours, Stefan Weigler


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Picture Map of Germany

How to get to Wolgast

Motorway A20 makes road traffic from Hamburg and Berlin much more rapid. coming from the South road, you can either take the motorway Berlin- Szczezin or the federal highway B96 through Neubrandenburg and Anklam.
If you come by train on the main line from Berlin to Stralsund, you have to change to a local train in Züssow. Planes from Bremen, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Cologne/Bonn, Frankfurt/Main, Munich and Zurich land regularly at Heringsdorf airport on the island of Usedom, very close to Wolgast.
You can also reach Wolgast by ship on the Oder- Havel canal,
the river Oder and the Oder Haff lagoon.


An ideal location in the Baltic economic area

Wolgast- a European location.
Leading economic experts our area to be among with the highest growth rate in Europe in the near future: Wolgast has recognised the signs of the times. Wolgast situated right at the centre of the Baltic economic area.

The town is expanding, consistently developing all the advantages the location offered. It keeps getting easier to reach Wolgast ? right at the centre of the Euroregion of Pomeranian. The railway will also connect Wolgast to Poland. The town already is an important centre as well as a point of intersection for both air passengers and sea and road freighters. Unemployment rates are sinking. The increase in the register of new businesses and the continuous expansion of our industrial areas with their favourable conditions speak for themselves. We offer an European education at its best,beginning at the infant stage. Free spaces for creative enterprises are still available.

Traffic junction

Averaged out over the year, 12.500 vehicles pass through our town every day. The town has a modern traffic policy. Since 1997, traffic no longer has to pass through the narrow streets of the old town centre. Within A20 bring both Berlin and the Polish port of Szczezin closer. It is also easier to reach to commercial centre of Hamburg and Berlin.
The local train connects the resorts on the island of Usedom over the River Peene in Wolgast. There is also a direct InterCity express train from Cologne via Dortmund, Bremen and Hamburg from May to October each year.

Wolgast is located at the centre of the Southern Baltic region

Planes from Bremen, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Cologne/Bonn, Frankfurt/Main, Munich and Zurich land regularly at Heringsdorf airport.

The airport processes modern night- flight equipment and a landing runway three kilometres long, making it as safe destiny even for big passenger planes. Ship with a weight of up to 6.000 tdw can use the harbours of our town. Thus, the town has shipping connections with the whole Baltic region.

Educational climate for tomorrows work force

Wolgast offers a large number of educational establishments:
primary schools, secondary schools, a grammar school preparing its pupils for university of Greifswald and the Polytechnical Collages of Neubrandenburg and Stralsund, the town provides the best conditions for young people to become highly qualified and motivated members of the labour force.
Since 1997, Wolgast offers parents the opportunity to send their children to a bilingual nursery school. As toddlers, our youngest inhabitants begin to learn English, the most important world language.

Reasons for locating here, or: opportunities in the Baltic economic region

Renewal and reconstruction Wolgast has been successful in its efforts to preserve everything that makes living in a town, or visiting it, wortwhile. Restored facades, inviting squares, a variety of little shops and cafés. Apart from dynamic industrial sector, we have also managed to revitalise the old town centre. Its renovated facades once again radiate
 the calm and dignity of an old ducal town. The redevelopment area in the old centre of town has been improved considerably and today greets the visitors with all its former splendour.


Soft factors of the location

Soft factors are becoming more relevant when investors have to make a decision regarding the ideal location.
In Wolgast, all distances are short- to ones working places as well as to the beauty of nature around our town. Wolgast is only a few kilometres away from the island Usedom. Right at the heart of one of Germanys most popular vacation areas. Friends of water sports will find many opportunities around Wolgast. Numerous marinas offer berth for private boats, on the Oder Haff, Greifswald Bay, the River Peene and the Baltic constitute one of the most beautiful regions of Europe for waters sports.

Integrated production

With its 800 employees, the Peene Shipyard is WolgastŽs biggest production site. The integrated shipyard has demonstrated its efficiently and capability in the construction, alteration and repair of ship parts. Peene shipyard celebrated its 50th anniversary in June 1998.

Power production

The big side of wind power generators has marked the western entrance to town since 1997. The electricity production of 18.6 kilowatt- hours will provide more than 5,000 households with energy.
1.500 employees- among them , many inhabitants of Wolgast-work in the former North nuclear power plant, 15 kilometres to the north- east
of Wolgast. Since the nuclear power plant was shut down, the managing company- Energiewerke Nord-has been concentrating on dismantintling it. The specific knowledge acquired during the process is of global interest. To new gasworks with a production of 1200 megawatts each are currently under construction.

Picture port of Wolgast

Wolgast: Seaport

The town harbour of Wolgast is mainly a port for transhipment of cereals and fertilisers. from the Southern harbour mainly wood, lime and agricultural products are shipped. among ship owners and brokers, Wolgast seaport enjoys reputation as one of the most flexible harbours of the Germans Baltic coast. The motto of the seaport is Fast and efficient.

Trade, handicrafts, services

Today, the town has five industrials estates with a total of 84.56 hectares. Wolgast offers industry, services and trade the best conditions to establish themselves on sites with highly favourable traffic connections. Last but not least, the soft factors of the location are significant for Wolgast as regards the economy. The impressive movement of tourism towards Usedom offers extraordinary opportunities for clever entrepreneurs with
good ideas.